An artist never works alone. Many individuals are involved in the making of an album.

Meet the artists who have contributed their wonderful talents to Al's albums.

2002 (Harp / Engineering - album: Mystic )


The award-winning, progressive new age band 2002 has placed 11 albums on the Billboard Charts and made the list of top new age artists in a Billboard Magazine “Year in Review” issue alongside Yanni, Mannheim Steamroller, Jim Brickman, George Winston and Enya. Over their 22 year career, their ever-evolving sound has encompassed a wide range of genres – from wistful ambient soundscapes all the way to light progressive rock. This daring blend of musical styles has given them an undeniable “signature sound” that sets them apart from other recording artists.


Entering the music scene in 1992, their first album Wings was a lush, ambient tapestry garnering massive sales and critical acclaim. Sound Mind Magazine lamented that the “only regret is that our grading system goes no higher than 5.” 2002’s album, Land of Forever (1998) spent 54 weeks on the Billboard new age chart and an additional 39 weeks on the Billboard catalog chart. It was also nominated for an INDIE award by the AFIM. River of Stars (2000) spent 74 weeks on the Billboard new age chart. Billboard Magazine compared it favorably to Vangelis, James Horner and Enya, remarking, “What a way to begin the new millennium!” This Moment Now (2003) won the COVR Award for Best New Age Album of the Year. Trail of Dreams (2014) won “Best Vocal Album” from Zone Music Reporter. 2002 won “Best New Age Music Artist 2014” from BT Fasmer’s The New Age Music Guide.


Founding members, multi-instrumentalists Pamela and Randy Copus met in high school in the theater department. Their musical paths diverged throughout college as both explored a wide variety of musical styles, instruments, and bands – everything from jazz to industrial rock. Coming back together after college, they ultimately left their respective bands to form the progressive new age band they dubbed “2002”. The zeros in the middle were originally an infinity sign and the “twos” on either side represented them on either side of infinity. However, since it was not the easiest name to type on a computer keyboard, or to pronounce, they became known as “Two Thousand Two.”



Jeff Pearce (electric guitars - album: Mystic )



Since 1993, Jeff Pearce has been well known to the ambient/new age music community for his unique approach to the electric guitar. He has been called "one of the top two electronic guitarists of all time" by the AllMusic guide, while reviewer John Diliberto wrote in Billboard magazine that Pearce is "one of the best" guitarists to follow the solo electric guitarist concept.  Whether playing intimate acoustic-based music or crafting deep-space ambient guitar drifts, Jeff composes music with equal parts melody and mystery.


Jeff is an active live performer, having played venues ranging from historic churches and concert halls to planetariums and dance clubs. His live performances are memorable events, mixing songs from his cd's with humorous storytelling and surprising musical improvisations.  He has shared with stage with such performers as Will Ackerman, Stephan Micus, Steve Roach, Jonn Serrie, and Liz Story.


With eleven full length cd's to his name, Jeff's music has received many honors and much airplay since his first release in 1993. Jeff's music has been reviewed in Billboard, Downbeat, and Guitar Player magazines, and music from his cd's has appeared in projects for Mercedes-Benz and Muzak. Many of his albums have won "best of" awards (New Age Voice magazine named "to the shores of heaven" best ambient album of 2000, while his CD "Rainshadow Sky" won the ZMR "album of the year" award in 2008).  In 2014, "With Evening Above" was the Zone Music Reporter #1 airplay album of the year, and was voted "Best Ambient Album" at the Zone Music Reporter awards show in New Orleans, Louisiana.  And Jeff's music can be heard worldwide on "The Weather Channel", as well as on the "Music from the Hearts of Space" and "Echoes" syndicated radio programs, and on the SiriusXM Spa Channel.



Hannah Beth Crary (Fiddles - album: Northern Seas, The Blue Rose)



Living in Glasgow, Scotland, when she was four, Hannah Beth developed her love for the violin and traditional music. At age seven she started learning classical violin, but soon made the commitment to become a fiddler; since then she has been working on developing her own style.

Hannah attends the University of Vermont, USA. She participates in 'Young Traditions of Vermont', performed at Middlebury Concert on the Green, Flynn Space, Sheldon Grace Church, New World Festival, Champlain Folk Festival and John Moriarty’s Pub, in Dingle, Ireland. She has recorded several albums.





André Maquera

(Guitarist /Sound Engineer - albums: Shadows, Poeta, Scheherazade,

Northern Seas, The Blue Rose)



André works with many talented individuals including the renowned Von Trapp Children. In fact, Al's schedule intermingled with the Von Trapp's during the production of the album Scheherazade, which coincided with work on one of their albums.


André has also worked with other well known artists including William Galison (Sting, Barbra Streisand), Anthony Resta (Duran Duran), Bobby Militello (Dave Brubeck, Maynard Ferguson), Paul Asbel (John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters). André's corporate clients have included CBS, Coors Brewing Co., WCAX, and Vermont Public Radio, among others.

André has toured with artists such as Edgar Winter, Blue Oyster Cult, Rick Derringer, Foghat, and others. He was even once considered as a replacement for Kiss' guitarist, Ace Frehley!


André's artistic versatility is magnificently showcased through his guitar playing in Al's album's Scheherazade and Northern Seas. He has brought his boundless energy and passion to Al's projects.





Ricky Kej  (engineering/production - album: Mystic)


2014 Grammy® Award Winner, ‘Peace Ambassador’ and US Billboard #1 artist Ricky Kej is an internationally renowned Indian Music Composer and Producer. He is the youngest Indian to win the Grammy® Award. His Grammy® winning album "WINDS OF SAMSARA" was based on the ideals of peace by Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. Ricky is also part of 3 albums Nominated for the 2015 Grammy® Awards


Recently Ricky composed and produced the album ‘Shanti Samsara’ which was launched by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and French President Francois Hollande in the presence of World Leaders at the recently concluded United Nations COP21 Paris Summit. This album has gone on to win ‘The Global Music Award 2015’.


Ricky has composed music for over 3,000 commercials, 15 studio albums (released internationally) and 3 feature films and has also composed the score for the opening ceremony of the Cricket World Cup 2011, held in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He was recently conferred the title "Pride of Karnataka" and “Youth Icon of India"


Ricky Kej actively works for Conservationism, Music Therapy in Autism, raising standards of music education in India and to set up a pension fund for old and infirm musicians.  He also promotes Gender Equality in Workplace through various forums. He is also the first and only musical ambassador from India for Project Peace on Earth, a Los Angeles-based organization.



Charlee Brooks (vocals - album: Mystic)


Charlee Brooks is an American vocalist, composer, and audio engineer. She began her first works in production as a second engineer on the 2010 World of Warcraft: Cataclysm expansion. That same year she made her first television appearance as a performer during the live broadcast of BlizzCon 2010 on Direct TV. She continued her work in production/creative design through 2012 where she contributed to projects for Crystal Cruises, Dr. Daniel Amen, HGTV, Arbonne International and many others.


Brooks debuted her musical artistry in 2013 with her first official release Lovéren through Sony/MRI, a new age/neoclassical album, and collaboration with multi-grammy nominated artist/composer David Arkenstone. Lovéren debuted at #1 on the Zone Music Reporter charts in 2013, and remained on the charts for over 8 months.


In 2014, Brooks made her next television appearance as a featured performer in David Arkenstone’s Symphonic Adventure, a public broadcast special that continues to run on select stations across the US. The show featured Brooks' work on Lovéren and other renowned musicians such as Karen Briggs, Eric Rigler, and the performers of Cirque de la Symphonie. Brooks continued her musical work during the production of Symphonic Adventure and has since been featured on the album entitled Celtic Garden, released by Spring Hill Music in 2014. Her most recent album Inamorata released in February of 2015.


Ann Licater (flutes - album: The Blue Rose)



Ann Licater is an award-winning recording artist, "Flute for the Soul" workshop facilitator, and world flutist from California. In addition to being an accomplished silver and alto flutist, Ann soulfully performs on hand-crafted, indigenous Native American and world flutes made of wood and clay.


She studied with master flutist R. Carlos Nakai at "Renaissance of the Native American Flute"  and performs concerts across the U.S. and Europe.


Her recordings air on radio, cable and satellite "spa" channels worldwide.  Ann's accolades include wins and nominations for the Zone Music Reporter Lifestyle Awards, Hollywood Music and Media Awards and The Independent Music Awards.  Her album Doorway to a Dream was selected by Amazon Music Editors as "Top Ten Best New Age Albums."


From Carnegie Hall to spiritual centers and beyond, Ann loves sharing her meditative and reflective music to help people nourish their souls and connect with the divine. She is especially delighted to play flute on Al's The Blue Rose album.




Francesca Genco (Vocalist - album: Northern Seas)



Francesca is a singer and sound healer, yoga instructor, bodyworker and interdisciplinary arts teacher. She is the founder of Song of the Body, in the San Francisco Bay area, California, USA. Francesca released Numinous River, her solo album of improvised Sanskrit chants, in 2008. She has also collaborated with Troels Folmann, a Danish film composer, to create a voice library for Tonehammer. She is presently embarking on several projects with composers from the US and Europe.


Francesca's voice was featured in composer Kaveh Cohen's Japanese trailer for James Cameron's blockbuster film, Avatar, and has been heard on TV's CSI. In 2009, Francesca wrote The Next Buddha for Anna Halprin's Planetary Dance, a three-part song designed to be sung by communities coming together to create positive change in the world. She plans to teach this song to communities all over the globe as an affirmation of the deep interconnectedness of all beings.



Tim Cummings (Celtic Whistle - album:  Northern Seas)





Tim Cummings, a native of Tennessee, began his musical studies at the age of 6 as a student of the piano. He took up the pipes at age 8, and Celtic music has been his primary musical focus ever since. He earned his undergraduate degree in Music Education (The College of Wooster, Ohio); and both a B.A. Honours degree in Ethnomusicology and an M.A. in Musicology (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand).  During the 2002-03 school year, he was the Artist in Residence at The College of Piping in Canada's Summerside, Prince Edward Island.


He has also published original pieces and collections of piping music through his cottage industry, Beithe Publishing.  Currently based in Vermont, Tim works as a private teacher, performer, arranger/composer, and publisher of piping and Celtic-related music.


Photo credits: Greg Crowder (Ann); Carl Weintgarten (Jeff); Ryan MacDonald (Tim); Christopher Miles (Francesca), Gillian Randall (Hannah Beth).




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